The Ripper Speaks

Between 1975 and 1980, one man brought widespread fear to the people of the North of England. His attacks were sadistic and violent, and led to the largest manhunt the police have ever faced. The man behind the crimes became known as The Yorkshire Ripper.

Police eventually put an end to the Yorkshire Rippers reign of terror when he was arrested in 1981 and finally identified as Peter Sutcliffe, a married lorry driver from West Yorkshire.

The Ripper has been behind bars since his capture, but now in a world exclusive, access has been gained to Sutcliffe himself.
Unaware that he was being recorded and played, Sutcliffe talks openly about crimes he never formally confessed to, how he evaded the police for so long and the truth behind his controversial attempts to plead not guilty at his trial.
This film provides a view of Sutcliffe not as the mythical ‘Ripper’ who terrorised the country, but as he really was – a lonely, isolated coward.

Executive Producer – Jonathan Levi

Producer – Simon Green

Director- Reece Watkinson

Investigator and Producer – Mark Williams Thomas

Broadcasters – Channel 5

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