Accused Of Murdering Our Son:

The Steven Clark Story

On Monday 28th December 1992, Steven Clark vanished without a trace from his home town of Marske-by-the Sea in North Yorkshire.
A road accident when he was a child had left Steven partially disabled and at age twenty-three, he still lived with his parents, Doris and Charles. Marske had been the seaside home of the Clark family for the year before Steven disappeared.

On the last day that he was seen, Steven was due to go with his father Charles to watch a football match but, after a disagreement over who should pay Steven refused to go. His mother Doris says that she walked along the beach with her son that afternoon, where Steven used the promenade toilets. After visiting the Ladies, Doris waited for him to come out of the Gents.
But Steven never did appear and Doris never saw her son again.

On September 24th 1999, a mysterious, anonymous letter about the case was sent to Guisborough Police Station. The contents of the letter have never been made public and police at the time made an appeal for the person who sent it to come forward, with no success. Following the recent arrests of Steven’s parents for his murder, the police have made renewed and vigorous appeals for the writer of the letter to come forward.
Twenty-eight years after Steven’s disappearance, following a cold case review in September 2020, police arrived at the home of Charles and Doris Clark aged 78 and 81 years respectively. They arrested the elderly couple on suspicion of their son’s murder. Following the arrest, police officers intensely searched the local area and conducted a 5-day forensic examination of the Clark home, digging up their garden in the search for Steven’s body.
Is this simply an unimaginable nightmare for a totally innocent couple, or are Doris and Charles killers?

With incredible exclusive access, Mark follows this gripping case as it unfolds in real time, leading to the point where Doris and Charles Clark find out if they will be released without charge or jailed for their son’s murder.

Executive Producer(s)- Jonathan Levi, Terry Winsor
Producer – Simon Green
Director- Adam Wimpenny
Broadcasters – ITV

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